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Who are we?

Wildcat Development is the One-Stop Shop for complete integrated and customized solutions for the energy and high-tech industries, allowing them to reduce risk and maximize their profitability on mission critical projects.

Wildcat Development is an end-to-end technology company with expert teams of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. Diverse, talented engineering staff enable us to approach projects from a unique knowledge base, leading to great success in creating previously unattainable solutions. Projects regularly range from simple, fast-turn prototypes to complete system design.

Need a product or solution?

Wildcat Development has taken on numerous projects from concept to production. Our blend of engineering utilizes mechanical, electrical, and software all working together to ensure client satisfaction every time.

Need a technical problem solved?

We are the place. Your needs may not always require a complete solution. Often, the need might simply be for an existing product to be enhanced, re-engineered or just supported in the field. Wildcat Development has extensive experience in assuming responsibility for legacy hardware and software projects with the ability to take it to the next level.

Who's doing the work?

That's the #1 question customers have these days - where are my designs being developed? India? Russia? Wildcat Development does not outsource overseas. We are a U.S. based company who keeps your information and designs confidential. Even better, when we design for you - you own it! No "catches" or "special libraries" to worry about. We respect and value your business and want Wildcat Development considered first, when you need technology supported or developed.


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